Hypnosis used in Psychotherapy

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I mainly use clinical hypnosis/hypnotherapy as an adjunct (add-on) treatment within my general therapeutic approach, although, depending on the clinical concern, hypnotherapy can sometimes also be beneficial as a stand-alone treatment. With all clients, I first conduct a thorough history and an initial assessment of the presenting issues and concerns (usually 1-3 sessions) in order to evaluate the treatment approach that would be most beneficial to each individual client.

I tailor hypnotherapy to the needs of each individual client. As with other types of therapy, the number of sessions of hypnotherapy that will be needed will vary. Some issues, like nail-biting, may require only one session of hypnotherapy following an assessment, whereas other issues such as weight management or IBS symptom relief may benefit from more (7-8) sessions. When there is an underlying problem such as an anxiety disorder that is contributing to or exacerbating the issue, hypnotherapy might be recommended as an adjunct to a more comprehensive treatment plan, but not as the main approach.
If hypnotherapy is determined to have the potential to be an effective treatment approach for the client, the initial assessment will provide a strong foundation for the success of the hypnotherapy.

I currently offer hypnotherapy for:
-relaxation and stress management
-anxieties such as public speaking and performance anxiety
-fear of flying
-weight management
-help with symptoms of  headaches and irritable bowel syndrome


For more information about Hypnosis here is a link to the Canadian Federation of Hypnosis : https://www.clinicalhypnosis.ca/

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