What Happens in Therapy?

Psychotherapy is collaborative – with your therapist you will develop goals and review change. Along with talking about the issues you have brought to therapy, the therapist will offer suggestions about how you may improve relationships, cope better in your life, improve your mood and feel more balanced.

Treatment can involve an individual, family, couple or group depending upon the nature of the problem. As well, phone sessions can be scheduled.

How Long is Therapy?

Session lengths are 50 minutes (1 session), 75 minutes (1.5 sessions) or 100 minutes (2 sessions).

Weekly sessions are common while in some cases sessions are scheduled every two to three weeks.

The length of treatment varies upon goals and the nature of the problem. Therapy often involves at least 6-10 sessions. With more complex or family problems, therapy is often longer.

How Private is Therapy?

Confidentiality of your private personal data is a primary commitment in this practice.

Information is only disclosed with your expressed consent except when:

  • information is required by law/court
  • a risk of harm to self or others is divulged
  • ongoing risk of child, elder or animal abuse is disclosed.

What are the therapists' qualifications?

All therapists in this practice:
  • are Fully Registered with their Professional Regulatory Colleges and Boards
  • have at least 15 years clinical experience
  • have abundant postgraduate clinical training
  • areas of specialization and expertise

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