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What is online couples therapy and how does it work?

Online couples therapy is exactly as it sounds, you are doing couples therapy just as you would in an office but rather than being in the room with you, your therapist is connecting with you online. Online therapy has been around quite a long time, not just since the covid-19 pandemic.

What are the benefits?

  • Convenience- there is no need to drive to an office, battle traffic, find parking or hire babysitters if you have younger children. There is no travel time required at all!
  • Accessibility – there are fewer therapists that practice couples counselling, especially in rural areas.   You can access online couples therapy from anywhere in Nova Scotia, not just Halifax. You can choose a therapist who you think is the best fit for you rather than be limited to who lives in your area. It is also more accessible for people with any physical limitations as you can meet from the comfort of your own home
  • Scheduling – couples therapy works best when it is consistent and without large gaps in between appointments in order to gain momentum. It can be tough to find office appointment  times  for both partners when trying to balance work schedules, kids schedules and other commitments. Scheduling an online appointment may be easier and evening appointments are available.

Do I need to know a lot about technology?

No, all you need is a desktop/laptop computer, a private space and a good internet connection. If you have ever used facetime, skype or Facebook video messenger, you already have a good idea of how this would work. You need a working mic and camera which are standard in most laptop and desk top computers.

Prior to our appointment I simply email you a link to our session and all you have to do is click on that and we begin the session.

Some people worry it will feel like talking to a computer, but the feedback is that this is not the case and that it often feels as though I am in the room with you.


What about confidentiality?

The online encrypted platform I use is specifically designed for healthcare professionals, is encrypted and is compliant with federal (Personal Health Information Protection Act, PHIPA) and provincial (Personal Information Disclosure Act, PIDA) legislation.

I do everything I can from my office, whether my work or home office, to ensure your confidentiality and privacy. However, there things you would need to consider to ensure your confidentiality and privacy from your side. This includes having a secure internet connection and privacy from others that may live in your home.

Is it as effective as in-person therapy?

The research says that, yes, it is effective. If you want to look at some of the research that has been done, here are a couple of websites: American psychological association (apa.org) and the Telehealth Institute (telehealthinstitute.org)

Is it for everyone?

No, it is not. Some people are just not comfortable with the use of technology and prefer in office appointments. There also may be some situations in which it would not be recommended (for example, an active addiction issue).

If you would like to make an appointment or discuss if this would be an option for you, please give us a call or contact us through our website.


Pam Roberts

Pam is Level 3 trained in the Gottman Method of couples therapy

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